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Lager aficionados!

It’s July already and we’ve had plenty going on here with the brewery upgrades!

We’ve recently upsized our cold liquor tank and glycol buffer tank, both of which allow us to make the most of our solar energy during the daylight hours to store this energy in the form of cold water and glycol.

The increased size of predominantly the glycol buffer tank, allows our compressors to start up less often reducing that start up energy load! On top of the energy efficiency upgrade, we’re currently upgrading our capacity as a brewery by adding more fermentation tanks which have been planned and ordered for some time.

Our Taproom has recently launched a new menu which is fantastic, we’ve kept all the favourites too! My favourite addition has been the Tonkotsu Ramen, so much so that kitchen staff have put me on rations. It comes with pulled pork that has been house smoked, 63 degree egg, organic noodles and enoki mushrooms. It reminds me of the times spent travelling in Japan, which now seem like a distant memory.

The Hinterland Festival at Imperial Hotel Eumundi was a great hit this last weekend, thanks for all those that attended and thanks to the Imperial Hotel for the invite. It’s a great little festival that Paul and Craig at the Imperial Hotel generously host every year!

Heads of Noosa is on a great trajectory and we’re having a great time doing it. If you’re keen to join the team, touch base and show us what you can add! Alternatively, we’re currently actively looking for salespeople in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. No previous liquor experience required.

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