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Independent. Family Owned. Australian

Heads of Noosa Brewing Co. is an Australian independently owned craft brewery located in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast. With a passion for lagers and a focus on quality, we strive to produce truly enjoyable beers for everyone.

Our beers are inspired by the nearby rocky headlands of Noosa Heads. East facing, the Heads stand upright to the full force of Mother Nature and the unbridled swell of the magnificent Pacific Ocean. It’s their very nature to craft these swells into one of Australia’s finest breaks. Our nature and passion is to craft raw natural ingredients into some of Australia’s finest beers that are truly enjoyable time after time.

We respect the time-honoured techniques of brewing and we innovate to continually improve the products we offer to you. We strive to support other local businesses where possible in our search for the purest ingredients. The little things matter to us! With an undivided focus on quality, we put the beer first but we have a bit of fun along the way. We are here for the long haul, and we hope you join us on this journey...



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Craig Masterton

Co - Founder

It's great, we're brewing beer with a team of amazing people. Everyday is a laugh but the fun stops there, we're serious about our beer.


Lance Masterton

Co - Founder & Head Brewer

Quality is at the core of what we do, but we also focus on brewing lager styles of beer. Something that is challenging but widely appealing in the market place.

The Heart of Heads...

When planning our brewery, we looked far and wide in search of the best equipment, expertise and practices to produce the best product for our customers. It was a long but rewarding process designing and building our brewery from scratch, with plenty of help and guidance along the way. There is a lot of information out there, you just need to have a few answers yourself and ask the right questions. Our stubborn focus on quality meant the wait was all worth it, we now produce and package 100% of our beer on-site at our purpose-built brewery in the heart of Noosa.

Here at Heads of Noosa, we love our lagers and embrace the challenges in creating them. Being a more subtle and refined style of beer means that there is nowhere to hide off-flavours. Our lagers spend around twice as long in tank as our ale counterparts, this colder fermentation and longer maturation is important in the resulting beer, for which we've received so much applause. 

We’ve invested in a state of the art bottling line to ensure our products are getting to the customer in the best condition they possibly can. Our equipment is designed to ensure consistency and low O2 pickup to keep the beer tasting great for longer. We decided to bottle our beers, feeling it suited the lager styles more aptly.

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Taking care of our surroundings...

The nature of beer manufacture draws on a lot of resources like water and power but we do what we can to reduce our environmental footprint and hope to continue improving this over time. Some of our measures include heat capture from boiling and from the heat exchanger when cooling wort, as well as providing our spent grain to local farmers. We have over 300 solar panels on the roof that provide power to the brewery, offsetting over 140,000 kilos of carbon dioxide annually.