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Sustainability is a huge focus of ours at Heads of Noosa as a business and as members of the Noosa community. These practices which align with our sustainability approach, and our love for our environment and the planet as a whole encompass…. Heat recapture, utilizing spent grain for cow feed, mindful use of solar energy and recycling. 


Spent grain reuse

With every brew, we produce between approximately 1.1 and 1.3 ton of spent grain (wet). After we’ve extracted and converted the sugars there are lots of proteins left which are great feed for livestock. 


This spent grain is rich in nutritional benefits with high levels of protein and fiber for cattle to feast on! Most importantly, it is a less costly option for local farmers, and a great way to connect with the local community. You can see this process here >

Solar Power 

We have over 300 solar panels on the roof (making it just under a 100kilowatt system) and have done since 2021. This offsets approximately 140,000 kilos of carbon dioxide annually.

As we grow as a business and a brewery, we are looking to add more solar panels to cope with the added power usage as well as incorporating more power efficient cooling methods when we’re at a scale to do so… so drink up. 

Heads of Noosa Solar Panels.JPG


As for recycling, we participate in the Containers for Change scheme and have done for over two years. For every bottle that leaves the brewery we pay in excess of the 10c deposit you can reclaim on our empties. Given the nature of what we do, our contribution to recycling is at the forefront of our sustainability efforts and something we are mindful of every day, which helps to mitigate any potential rubbish issues in the community. 

smarter gas

We recently installed a Nitrogen (N2) generator, an inert gas that makes up around 78% of the air we breathe. This will be used to substitute most of the Co2 we buy in for purging tanks and carbonating the lagers you love. 

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