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Welcome to the Dark Side...


Leading into Winter 2023, Heads of Noosa’s head brewer Lance Masterton and his talented brew team decided had been following a passion to create a dark lager with a delicate flavour profile for the cooler months ahead – Enter the new Japanese Black Lager 5.0% ABV.

This fourth ever Limited Release has quickly earned its way into the hearts of beer lovers, venues and the Heads of Noosa staff. The Japanese Black story has evolved quickly from a pilot brew in the Taproom, to a sold-out Seasonal Release available only in kegs across South East Queensland, and now moving into bottles as our latest Limited Release.

The Crafty Pint's wordsmith Mick Wüst gave it a top notch review...

“In some ways, the Japanese Black Lager is like its pale cousin; close your eyes and you can taste that lightly sweet malt profile of the Japanese Style Lager with a gentle hop spice coming through. But open your eyes and you’re met with a dark beer with reddish glints that bears no resemblance to the original. And while it still goes down easily, this beer feels different to the pale version, too: the carbonation’s a little softer, the mouthfeel’s a little rounder, the body’s a little fuller…”

“…the beer doesn’t have the roasty bitterness in the finish that you'd associate with, say, a stout... Dark character but with a clean and dry finish. Super drinkable.“ [Read full article...]

Mick Wüst | The Crafty Pint

We asked our Head Brewer about this special brew...

Lance said, “First brewed as a keg only release, we knew pretty quickly from customer feedback that we had to put this one in bottles straight away.”

In his tasting notes, Lance proudly describes the Limited Release, “It’s a culmination and balance of two worlds... Delicate & dark. The delicateness of our Japanese Style Lager, brewed with rice for its crisp, clean finish, meeting the world of roasted malt flavours that make it deliciously dark in flavour, light on the palate and easily enjoyable…”

Try some from a pub, restaurant, bar, our Taproom or a bottle shop near you before it’s all gone. Available in 4 packs, cartons of 16 bottles, and 50L kegs for venues.

You can also order online with Australia-wide shipping.

Cheers to the delicate darkness!

The Heads of Noosa Team

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