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First Ever Limited Release - Welcome the Baltic Porter

2022 has been a big year for Heads of Noosa with a number of milestones, including our first ever Limited Release the Baltic Porter.

Head Brewer & Co-Founder Lance Masterton said the Limited Release series was a way to express their creative streak through a wide array of flavours in bigger bolder beers whilst staying true to their roots of passion and quality and exceptional lagers".

"The Crafty Pint gave us a glowing review and we couldn't have said it better", Lance added.

Crafty Pint writes, "When you first pour it into the glass, it’s deep and dark, and the brown that tinges the head only adds to that. But hold it up to the light and you’ll see it shine with hues somewhere between maroon and candy apple red - a nod towards the complexity you’re about to taste. So many Aussies equate ‘lager’ with ‘smashable’ - and of course, the Heads of Noosa crew pride themselves on the sessionability of their core range - but the Baltic Porter is one to sit with for a little longer. The malt notes on the nose express as cola and chocolate and suggest this is going to be thick and sticky but the cola and chocolate ease away as you start to sip. Instead, there’s a subdued sweetness of raisins, with perhaps just a drizzle of caramel syrup. A touch of roast flavour swirls around the edges as the beer warms in your hands, but it’s entirely smooth without a hint of harsh bitterness". The trade and consumer beer markets responded quickly with the Baltic Porter being totally sold out within days leading into Winter 2022. Bottle shops and keg venues snapped up this Limited Release in fine style to keep their crafty beer lovers happy with this dark, decadent brew. Keep your eyes peeled for the next Limited Release just in time for summer... Cheers the from Heads of Noosa Team.

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