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Enter: Heads of Noosa Brewing Co.

Building a brewery has been the most incredible experience and up until now we’ve accepted that our dream lies somewhere in the future. We’ve enjoyed the journey so far, but now more than ever, we’re looking forward to entering this next exciting phase and brewing some damn good beer! A beer, and a brand, that truly represents who we strive to be -- classy, full of integrity, perfectly balanced and a stubborn resistance to the test of time.

Along our eight-year journey we’ve had a lot of time to assess, plan, re-assess, adjust, execute and most importantly reflect. It’s funny how often our thoughts have come full circle and how integral all the changes we’ve made along the way have been in getting us to where we are now.

Something we’ve had a lot of time to deliberate over is our brand name and ultimately what we represent. We have a strong affinity and love for Noosa Heads and resonate with its natural beauty and how it directly relates to the beer we want to brew. It’s for this reason we’ve decided that “Heads of Noosa” is the perfect fit for our brewing company.

There’s the head of the beer that’s as famous as beer itself, the head of the barley the main ingredient in our beers, and of course the natural beauty of Noosa’s headlands. All these things have inspired the creation of the Heads of Noosa Brewing Co and tie in with our core philosophies of brewing quality beer with only the freshest natural ingredients that are sourced locally where possible.

While we enjoy many of the great ales that are on the market today, our passion lies in making the most of the humble lager! Fermented colder, with a delicate balance that leaves nowhere to hide, it takes a true brewer to nail this one. You’ll see a big focus from Heads of Noosa on lager styles, but we’ve made them uniquely ours, so you can expect beers that are more than a few steps up from the norm and worthy of a few more sips too.

Our weapon is the battle tested lager, and our mission is to convert those who haven’t seen the light, to craft beer, whilst giving the avid craft lovers something more refined to come back to. Stay tuned as we look to launch in the coming months. Cheers!

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