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Our second Limited Release the Imperial Japanese Lager

After being released as a Taproom only specialty beer earlier in 2022 we knew we had to get this beauty into bottles and make it available for a wider audience.

Crafty Pint wordsmith Mick Wust again gave us a great write up.

"In case it wasn’t obvious, this is a beefed-up version of the brewery’s flagship beer.

It brings together the stunning clarity and clean fermentation profile of the original with a boosted alcohol content (from 4.5 percent up to 7.2 percent ABV)*, bigger body and more defined sweetness. Rather than a fluffy carbonation and crisp finish that invites you to sink it speedily, this imperial lager has a silkiness and lower carbonation that gives it more of a wine-like feel"

Click Here to read the full article.

We asked Head Brewer & Co-Founder Lance Masterton to tell us a bit about this special brew...

So what is the IMPERIAL JAPANESE LAGER? "If lager flexed its muscles, this is it! Brewed with a blend of rice and specialty malts, this Limited Release is big in every sense, and dangerously enjoyable..."

Why this brew? Doing things in the Heads of Noosa way, we decided to make a bigger brew that is extremely approachable with all the traits of our popular Japanese Style Lager. It's still a clean & crisp lager, which is unique in the higher alcohol market (% ABV). Why the name? 'Imperial' is a term often used for beers over 7%, and it's modelled on our popular Japanese Style Lager. How is it different from the original? The Imperial Japanese Lager has a slightly bolder mouthfeel and more rounded in flavour yet dangerously easy drinking at 7.2% instead of 4.5%. How is it brewed differently? The main point of difference in brewing the Imperial is unfortunately a bit of a trade secret.

Stay tuned for our next Limited Release in 2023...

Cheers from the Heads of Noosa Team.

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