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Love our lagers? Vote Japanese Lager #1

We lost many things to 2020, Oktoberfest, a decent footy season...but thankfully, GABS hottest 100 wasn't one of them!

If you're new to the GABS countdown, think Triple J Hottest 100 but instead of your favourite beats, your choosing your favourite beers of 2020!

Last year was our debut into the countdown and we were stoked to see the Japanese Lager make it to the 45th spot, but this year we'd love to see it go even further!

We're getting to the pointy end with votes closing on the 15th of January, so if you enjoyed any of our beers in 2020, we'd love if you could spare a minute to chuck them a vote here.

You've got 5 slots to fill so dig deep and think about the tastiest drips you've tried this year. This is how our Head Brewer, Lance Masterton, voted (just in case you need some inspo)






Your support means so much to us, tell your friends, family and anyone who loves a Heads of Noosa lager, every vote counts!

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