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The Journey Until Now 'Part II'


Mapping out a brewery is like tweaking a beer. You adjust one thing, you generally need to adjust another to keep the balance. For this reason, the amount of drafts we had drawn for the brewery grew into the hundreds. The balance is in having functionality now and plan going forwards for growth whilst retaining as much flexibility as we can. We feel we’ve struck a very good balance here and it’s something which we are extremely proud of.

August 2017 is when it all kicked off on the ground, we had turned soil. It was also the time we started ordering some big-ticket items, namely the brew house and bottling machine. These are 2 items we did not hold back on. In both cases opting for good quality, German equipment which gives us the best chance at brewing good lagers and retaining their quality once they are packaged. Oxygen may be our friend, but it's a beers worst enemy. A great beer can be easily destroyed by allowing too much oxygen in at packaging.

This year really flew by and now we find ourselves in August 2018, we can see the finish line for the install phase of the journey. Right now we have the brew house in place which you can see through our front windows. We have a local welder working on the piping before the German commissioning team gets here mid-September. The water tanks are in and our fermentation tanks are on the water and will arrive in a few weeks. Utilities are mostly in place with the exception of our glycol chiller which will arrive soon. Our bottling line and conveyors are in place with our depalletiser being finalised. Cold rooms have been commissioned and the Taproom is now adorned with some beer taps and some lovely stainless and new appliances. It’s fair to say it’s all happening…

Meanwhile we’ve really hunkered down on our identity and adopted a name that we feel truly represents what we’re about and the beers we will brew.

Stay tuned for more updates...


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