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Our brewery tours take you on a fascinating journey throughout our facilities as we show you how we create the most premium lagers right here in Noosa. You'll walk away from our guided tour with an in-depth understanding into how we create, develop and manufacture Heads of Noosa Lagers. 

You'll see first-hand the passion, dedication and knowledge of our team and how we incorporate our values into every brew. You'll also see some mind blowing equipment!

Our passionate team will cater each experience to your group and answer any questions you may have, you'll be provided with a tasting paddle of our Premium Lager range and we gift every visitor with some Heads of Noosa Merch. 

Our brewery tours run every Saturday from 2:30pm, we recommend allowing 60 minutes for the tour depending on the group size. Tours are $39 per person and includes a tasting paddle and merchandise.